Thursday, May 19, 2011

26 Soundtracks: Control

Control OST 2007

Any films about a band is going t o be filled with songs from that band, and the bands around them. In this case the band was Joy Division, and the music is the dissonant ringing mournful post punk of youth trying to escape industrial sticks of the UK. The music is repetitive and droning, just like life in those places during the economic times of the 70s. At the same time there is an energy and intelligence hovering under the surface. With both Joy Divisions music, and that of the peers along with bands that inspired them it’s a solid collection of tunes that should appeal to anyone who is a fan or wants to check out music of that time and place.

Track List

Exit by New Order

What Goes On by The Velvet Underground

Shadowplay by The Killers

Boredom [Live at the Roxy] by The Buzzcocks

Dead Souls by Joy Division

She Was Naked by Supersister

Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division

Hypnosis by New Order

Evidently Chickentown [Film Excerpt] John Cooper Clarke

2HB by Roxy Music

Transmission [Cast Recording] by Joy Division [Performed by the Cast]

Autobahn by Kraftwerk

Atmosphere by Joy Division

Warszawa by David Bowie

Get Out by New Order

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