Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Time

Ok... It's been a while since my past post, and that is tied to my lack of time and energy, working full time and my other commitments... so I am going to just idle this blog for the time being....
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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Ann Arbor...

I didn't live my whole life in Ann Arbor Michigan, but I consider myself a townie. I did spend all of my childhood that I can recall in this town, I went it's schools, it's churches, and it's....wait... that's something else. Anyway, if I am going to shift my focus on this blog to the It's Ann Arbor, I feel like I should give some background.

To start with, Ann Arbor is a vocally liberal, secretly not-liberal, college town located in Michigan. One thing that you need to know about Michigan... pretty much we are a bunch of hicks. I won't go into that yet, but it's true. So Ann Arbor is a town that is filled with a couple of types of people, and it's these people that I will be ranting about here... and make no mistakes this will be mostly ranting.

The whole idea for this shift in focus comes from my talking to people since I have returned to the area. I have found myself working with a lot of people who are not Ann Arborites (and that is the prefered nomiclature) and started to pick up on the fact that they see Ann Arborites in a special way... As a townie I started to wonder about the things that I was hearing and seeing. A lot of them I already knew about, many of them were things that I had been seeing since High School... mostly the Hippy-ocarcy of this place.

I am going to stop and define that for you for a moment. A hippy-crit is someone that has a save the earth bumper sticker on their car, but has to use the gas powered mower every weekend to keep the grass short, and in the old days had Chem Lawn come out every other week and make the grass greener than green... that's it in a nut shell.

Other things that I have noted as of late is that there are a lot more of the Ann Arbor Crazies, and of the Angry White Men in their 50's in this town than I had remembered.....

more later.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ann Arbor...

Just a quick note for anyone who reads this, I am going to change my focus from the Job hunt to talking about Ann Arbor, Michigan and the things about this town that annoy me. I will still do the On the Road entries just maybe not as frequently as I have in the past.