Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Alejandro Escovedo

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post…

Alejandro Escovedo is and artist who it took me some time to get into.. Which is strange cause I have been a fan of his earlier bands, The Nuns and Rank & File for a long time. He’s that rare animal of today’s music scene who can both rock out and also comfortably sit in with the roots rock set. It’s the mix of Glam, Punk, Folk and Country that makes him something more than just another aging punk headed towards the roots rock world.  All of which is to say if I got to work with him on a covers album, these are the songs I would bring to the table.

Drivin’n’Cryin – Toy Never Played with

Jet Black Berries- Fatherly Advice

King’s X- Summerland

(No Video)

The Divine Horsemen- Middle of the Night

(ok not the video for the song... but this will give you an idea of what they sound like)

Blood on the Saddle- I thought I heard some Thunder

Legal Weapon – Equalizer

Guadalcanal Diary- Watusi Rodeo


Foster & Lloyd – Texas in 1880

Stan Ridgeway – The Big Heat

Animal Bag – Cheerful Mary in the Rain

Screaming Trees- Dollar Bill

 (no video)

Gen X – Kiss Me Deadly

  (no video)
Dead Moon – City of Lights

The Hellacopters – By the Grace of God

(No video)
The Staggers – Bottom of the Bottle

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Lydia Loveless

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post…

 One of the great new voices in Alt Country, Lydia Loveless has become one of my favorite current artists out there on the road and making records. Check out her cover of Echo & The Bunnymen: "The Killing Moon"

         So if you have read the past entries in the series you know how this works… these are the songs I would bring to the table if I were able to work on a covers album project with Lydia…

Legal Weapon – Like A Rose

Drivin’n’Cryin – Blue Ridge Way
(no video)

Rank’n’File – Long Gone Dead
(no video)

Jet Black Berries – Color of Your Name

King’s X – Goldilox

Atomic Opera – Justice

Velvet Hammer – Kansas

The Damned – Street of Dreams

Shakespeare Sister – Stay

Jackson Phibes – Requiem for a Bug-a-Boo
(No video)

Blood on the Saddle – One Step Away
(No Video)

Atomic Swindlers – Float

The Stooges – Gimmie Danger

Wall of Voodoo – Call of the West

The Violators – Summer of ‘81

Patricia Vonne – Rebel Bride

Pearl Jam – Porch

Fire Inc – Nowhere Fast

So there it is the list

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

Friday, July 31, 2015

Old SXSW discoveries....

so once upon a time I was a member of and posted there often for a couple of years.... 
one of the things that I did each year was to go through the SXSW offerings and look for new bands.. here's an old list of stuff I found.. and liked

Craighead County Sky By Abalone Dots
Cornbread By The Band of Heathens
Deerslayer By Black Math Horseman
Woman in Uniform By Bogart & the Addictives
The Plank By The Devil Makes Three
Lookout By Dexter Romweber Duo
Ballad Of The Red-Legged Hawk's Fountain By Eagle Winged Palace
No Home The By Ettes
Country Bat High II By Golden Boots
Troubles Like Mine By Gun Outfit
Driftwood 40-23 By Hickoids
Dead Men Tell No Tales By The Hudsons
Keep In Touch By Jaakko & Jay
Battlescar ByJohnny Goudie and The Little Champions-
GIRL AT THE END OF THE BAR By Jon Langford And The Pine Valley Cosmonauts
Angry at the Sun The By Lost Brothers
Portable Freak Factory By Major Stars
lonely Kind By Mitch Webb and the Swindles
Daughters Of Heavy By Murder
Wet Gold By The Octopus Project
Call and Response By Or, the Whale
Making Gestures By The Pack A.D.
Prehistoric Dog By Red Fang
I'm Your Negative By River City Tanlines
Uplifter By Thee Headliners
Dirtied Your Knees By Thrift Store Cowboys
All Shook Up By Til We're Blue Or Destroy
Through Unto The End By Trainwreck Riders
Viva La Vinyl By Twilight Hotel
This Is Our Perfect Crime By The Von Bondies
Hard Times In America By Willie Nile

When Lost At Sea By The Wooden Sky

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Kevn Kinney

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post

Kevn Kinney is the singer and and guitarist, best known for fronting the Alt Southern Rock  band Drivin N Cryin. He's also done solo work that falls into the folk, alt country, blues and rock genres.  I have been a fan since hearing Drivin N Cryin back in the early 90s. Kinney has the chops for all kinds of sounds and music from whispered folk to booming heavy metal. If I had a chance to work on a covers album with him these are the songs I would pitch.

The Jet Black Berries - Murder

The Divine Horsemen - Devils River

King's X - Far Far Away

Stan Ridgway - Driver She Said

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands - Cody's Dream

I couldn't find a video for this song... but here's a taste of Pickerel's muisc 

Mother Love Bone - Man of Golden Words

Temple of the Dog - Pushing Forward Back 

Rank N File - Rank n File

Blood on the Saddle - Colt .45

Forbidden Dimension - House of 1000 Dolls
hey no video of course... someone needs to get on that..

Screaming Trees- Winter Song

The Chickenhawks -  Fuck Minneapolis

no video for this one

The Bottle Rockets - $1000 Car

James McMurty - Lights of Cheyenne

King's X  - Mission

Steve Earl - Copperhead Road

so there it is the list

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day Dream Album - Janelle Monáe

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post

Janelle Monáe is the odd ball artist in the world of Hip Hop/ Dance Music of the current era that I like. She's got a great voice, an interesting perspective on music and appears to do what she wants with her style, her music and her image. I dig her Sci Fi inspired concept album  The ArchAndroid which is well worth checking out.

so IF I was able to pitch her a batch of songs for a covers album these are the ones I would go with....

Jet Black Berries- Articles 

no video for this one... but it's a song about the Burroughs book Cities of the Red Nights...

The Atomic Swindlers - Into the Strange

also no video... but the band featured members of the Jet Black Berries going in a more Hawkwind/ 70s Bowie direction.... well worth checking out... you can here samples of the bands music here 

Galactic Cowboys - Sea of Tranquility 

Fire Inc. - Nowhere Fast

The Blasters - Blue Shadows 

Zolar X - Back in L.A

so this video is more of a history of the band, but it kinda gives you an idea of their sound.

Leningrad Cowboys - Where´s the Moon

The Epoxies-  Everything Looks Beautiful On Video

Scorpions - Robot Man

The Screaming Tribesmen - Igloo

Concrete Blonde - Sky Is A Poisonous Garden

Suicide - Cheree

Theatre of Hate -- Do You Believe In The Westworld?

so there it is the list

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Whitey Morgan

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post

I have been following the work of Whitey Morgan for a couple of years and he's got a new album out, Sonic Ranch, that is one of the best new things I have heard this year. I like that he's got that old school Waylon Jennings / 70s Outlaw country feel and his Michigan roots appeal to me. His music is what I want to put in the hands of everyone who laments that the modern country has become so pop and bland... anyway you can check him out here

so as with the rest of the posts in this series if I was able to sit down and plan out a cover's album with Whitey here is the songs I would bring to the table...

Nolan McKelvey- Michigan

- there is no video for this one, but you can hear a sample on the above link at CD baby and here is the link for Nolan's youtube channel where you can hear the rest of his work (youtube link)

Waylon Jennings- Omaha

Johnny Cash- You Wild Colorado 

Hoyt Axton- The Devil

Stompin Tom Connors- I Don't Know How Fix the Damn Things Blues (Handy Man Blues)

Blood on the Saddle- Police Siren

The Jet Black Berries- Lonesome Code

Legal Weapon- City in Tears
another one with no video...  so here's where you can get the info on the album it came from

Drivin’n’Cryin- Detroit City

The Divine Horsemen- What is Red
No video on this one either... 
but here's more info on the album 

The Gun Club- Devil in the Woods

Guadalcanal Diary- Dead Eyes

The Coffinshakers- Pale Man in Black

The Flamin’ Sideburns- Lonesome Rain
another one I couldn't find the video for ... but here's the more info link 

Color Me Psycho- 13 is my Lucky Number

shocking I know but also no video...  but you can hear it here

Roy and the Devils Motorcycle- Dark Sunday Evening

Simon Stokes- Amazons and Coyotes

and a last one without a video... but well you know the drill by now..

so there it is the list

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Eilen Jewell

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post

 I am a fan of Eilen’s work and have been for a couple of years. I think she’s got a great dusty voice and knows how to mix the 50s rock, the country and the folk.. I have seen her play live a couple times and she also puts on a great show. She has a new record coming out at the end of this month…  it’s called  SUNDOWN OVER GHOST TOWN  and you can find out about it here…. You can find out about Eilen on the web at

Ok on with the show, if I could pitch a bunch of songs to her for a covers album these are what I would go with…

Legal Weapon - Indigo Blue (no video found.. someone needs to get on that.)

Rank and File - I Went Walking 

Divine Horsemen - Tenderest Kiss

Jody Reynolds - Fire of Love

Jody Reynolds - Endless Sleep

Jet Black Berries - Color Of Your Name 

Drivin’nCryin - Saddle On The Side Of The Road

Blood on the Saddle - Steal You Away

The Groovie Ghoulies  -  Are You Passionate?

Cowboy Nation - Full Fathom 5
(No video…. What gives there’s next to nothing on this band and they are from an era where video equipment was pretty much everywhere… oh well)

that dog - Minneapolis

The Dark Fantastic - The Girl With the Cross in Her Car
(I think I like the Mark Pickerel solo version better but this is what I could find)

Townes Van Zandt - Silver Ships of Andilar

Thee Ultra Bimboos - Mars is Rising
(No video…. No video… were on a video rage..)

Dave Vanian and The Phantom Chords - Chase the Wild Wind

The Forbidden Dimension – Sinner Take All
(also no video… to bad… it’s a great song.. and there is a movie with the same title) 

The Troggs - Night of the Long Grass

now I am off to check out more Jody Reynolds and wait for the new album... 

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Stan Ridgway

We are going to kick off the Day Dream Album series talking about what I would pitch to former Wall of Voodoo front man and solo artist Stan Ridgway. 

Ridgway has become one those off center singer songwriters who is more akin to Tom Waits and Warner Zevon than James Taylor. He’s always had a pulp sensibility and a affection for the classic song of the great American Song Book…

Anyway these are the tunes I would pitch:

Fast Ball- The Way

Monster Magnet - Negasonic Teenage Warhead

The Jet Black Berries - Ring of Steel

The Damned - Stranger On The Town

The Phantom Chords - Screamin' Kid

Mark Pickerel And His Praying Hands- She Sleeps Through Sirens

Scott Goddard - Cowpunk

TSOL - The Triangle

Warren Zevon - The Envoy

Roky Erickson - The Interpreter

Tall Boys - Interceptor

Hellacopters - Toys And Flavors

Concrete Blonde  - Dance Along The Edge

Suicide – Cheree