Saturday, May 1, 2021

Transmit... receive... restless thoughts..

 .... start unedited transmission....

It has been a while.. 

Welcome to Pandemic World... and I am still here... 

anyway what I have I been up to in the last year and a half or what ever since my last post??

New Job, I won't go into that.. but still watching films, youtube and TV, still listening to music, podcasts and reading... these days it is a lot of comics

I don't have anything long form to say this time around... just checking in... 


Youtube: Trash Theory, Todd in the Shadows, Red Letter Media

Comics: IDW GI Joe (written by Larry Hama), The Marvels, Love and Rockets

Music: Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories, Albert Bouchard - Re Imaginos

Saturday, November 16, 2019

2019 in the final weeks..

it's been a while.. a long while.. but I am still poking around the web.. my run at Love that Album podcast is coming to an end..  by my choice... and I have slowed down the youtube output, mainly do to time, energy and life commitments.

as we head into 2020, I hope that I can return to this blog more often.

I have been toying with the notion of a place that collects upcoming reissues of stuff..

with Valancourt Books  and their Paperbacks from Hell  ) 

Stark House Press and their reissues along with their Black Gat books

Hard Case Crime who has been in the reissue biz since their launch

the up coming  Library of Congress Crime Classics

it seems like the reissue of older forgotten work has started in full.

the recent Slate article on the work of Sci Fi/ Fantasy writer John M Ford  has gathered a fair amount of attention by people that pay attention to the overlooked, forgotten and out of print works.. shows to me that there is an interest in rediscovering that which has been out of sight and out of mind.

and this is just in the world of genre fiction.. there is still an interest in films, just look at the interest in the films that inspired Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and of course the rediscovery of music that has been out of print continues as we see LP and digital reissues of that which has been lost, forgotten, overlooked and too often a head of it's time.

anyway.. I hope to have more to record here in the future.. if you stopped by to take a look, thanks and fell free to leave a comment..

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

boo... I have always been here before

Ok not sure anyone is reading this.. that's not really the point.

I haven't been posting consistently for a while..

It hasn't been on the top of my list of things to do.. and I am not sure what I want to be saying here currently.

The truth seems to be that blog fade.. and wane and all of that..

but I got an alert asking if I still wanted e-mails when someone leave a comment..

so this post is really just to keep the blog site alive..

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My you tube channel

Pretty much these days I do the video blog thing over at youtube..

here's my latest

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Jet Black Berries - Macumba Love

The Jet Black Berries - from their Sundown on Venus album... very much in the vein of the Cramps or the Gun Club.. check it out.

5 months later....

and I am back to just note... as I noted before that I am still doing the podcast thing, and the youtube thing... I am still out there...

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Youtube Channel and podcasts

While it has been a long while since I have posted anything big here I have been busy with a couple of things..

1st I have been filling in on episodes of the Love That Album podcast...

most recently John Ross from the Feed My Ears facebook page and I covered a album from the band Screaming Trees and the Mad Season album from 1995.

the month before that Tim Merrill (of the See Hear podcast)  and I talked about Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed by Nomeansno and Feel The Darkness by Poison Idea.

also I have been making media related videos for my youtube channel...

so this time around, just a round up of other places I have been doing stuff... but if you stop by thanks for doing so... and at some point I will get back to the blogging.