Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse

currently reading....

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse by Robert Rankin.. it's on the funny side, and reminds me of the comic series Fables, Roger Rabbit, and that whole fractured Fairy Tale kind of thing.... so far it's fun and slightly silly...

Back of the book:
A boy named Jack sets out to seek his fortune in the big city, but when he finally gets there, it is Toy City, formerly known as Toy Town. There is a serial killer loose upon the streets. One by one, the old, rich nursery rhyme characters are being brutally slaughtered. The Toy City police are getting nowhere. Bill Winkie, Private Eye, has also mysteriously vanished, leaving only his sidekick, Eddie Bear, to take care of business. But Eddie is ready, and when he teams up with Jack, the two set out on an epic adventure, not to mention a lot of heavy drinking, bad behavior, fast car chases, gratuitous sex and violence, bizarre toy fetishism and all-round grossness of a type not normally associated with Toy Town.

Restless Kind Year One

Restless Kind Year One.

I just wanted to take a moment to look back at the year as I covered it in this blog. Now I did start off with my job search and my dream of spending a year traveling around the USA as the focus of this blog, but as things happened, I found myself employed and loosing track of the year adrift idea. The job hunt ended and I no longer needed to blog about it, and I think that part of the magic of spending a year adrift is that it could be spontaneous and it could just drift. If I did have that year to travel I think I would just go where ever I felt moved to travel….. Anyway, I am getting a little far field.

So I put the blog on hold for a while, and came back with the idea that I would use it as a place to post the reviews and what not that I had been writing. So I started down that road, reading books, seeing movies and writing about them. As the year wore on my time once again seemed to get sucked up by life stuff, and more importantly I wasn’t feeling it with my writing. That’s one thing I have to say, that when I am not feeling it, it’s not flowing and I am not going to put it out there…. So for the last couple of month, I haven’t been reviewing and I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to. I hope to get more out next year…..but I also have a couple of writing projects that I an intending to work on that may or may not take time away from blogging.

Thanks to anyone that’s been reading along… and, well, yeah, I guess that’s it.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

2 Films for the Holidays: CQ & Hi Life

two films I am fond of... having just got my hands on the soundtrack for CQ I figured that I should post something about it....

It's a cool film about film making in the late 60s, set in France and dealing with a young film maker who falls into direction an Sci Fi/ Spy flick while trying to make his own personal film.
more at

The other is Hi Life.... it's a fun holiday tale about abortion, gambling, lies and money owed.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Detroit Derby Girls

This evening I am headed out to see PISTOLWHIPPERS VS. D-FUNK ALLSTARS, and just wanted to give them a little love... I missed the last bout because I was drinking in Stockholm, which is one of the only things that I dig more than seeing the Derby on a Sat evening.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The List...

It's late, I am half awake and feeling roughly inhuman... so it's time to do something to make me feel a little more human.... to wit The List... you know that list, the one that people in relationships talk about... the list of celebs that they are allowed to sleep with if they get the chance, and their partner can't complain. Well I am single, and pretty much plan to stay that way, and I think James Ellroy hit the nail on the head when he said only fools want to fuck celebs, and that makes us a fool nation... so I have a different sort of list, it's a list of women who have been in the public eye in some way shape or form that I would like to have a drink: Beer, coffee, tea, juice, milk ect.... with and have a conversation with... here is my current 10 (and these are not in any order...)

Christa Faust- Cool Crime Writer.... 
Paget Brewster- Actress... Birdgirl need I say more

You know her, you love her, simply smashing... Kate Winslet

Ellie Vee... from the defunct band The Charms... I have met her and spoke with her for a moment at the Charms merch table... but still coffee, beer, what ever..

Penelope Houston- former lead singer of the punk band The Avengers... I'd love to pick her brain about the west coast punk scene
in the 70s.
Callie Thorne- The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets and Ed's Next Move... actress... Love to hear some stories about those giggs.

Sarah Vowell- Author, fellow History Nerd and Rockfiend... I think it would either be fun or we would hate each other.
Catherine Mary Stewart- Actress... really I just want to ask about her films... Dudes, Night of the Comet and The Apple.

Jewel Sheppard- Writer and Actress... come on she was in Return of the Living Dead... do I need any more reason to talk to her? Ok, she's also a writer and had been in a bunch of 80s B Films

Neko Case- Singer and Alt Country goddess... really I just want to beg her to cover a couple of tunes, but I'd like to talk music and what not with her.

There you have it...