Saturday, April 28, 2012

Podcast Segemnts

I have been out of the loop with blogging and posting an blog like sites for a while……. but it might be of interest to some that I have been sending in segments about music to a couple of podcasts.

First Outside the Cinema has been including me in their feedback segment since last October. I have mainly been talking about punk rock, and horror related music, but for episode 221 I talked about Jazz pioneer Raymond Scott.

the Love that Album podcast is fairly new, but I have started to contribute my Album that I Love segment for a couple of episodes. Mostly recently I talked about the 1 album by Mother Love Bone: Apple. In the next couple of episodes I will be talking about albums by Cock Sparrer and The Screaming Trees. 

If you'd like to check my segments out:

Outside the Cinema can be found at :

Love that Album can be found at: