Saturday, April 4, 2015

Day Dream Albums: intro.

This series of post is going to be about the albums I Day Dream would be recorded and release. I want to make it clear that these albums are not in the works, not being recorded and not going to be released.

That said…

IF I was able to sit down and create a covers album with an artist these are the songs I would pitch to them. The artist I would like to work with are gonna be heavily leaning towards the Alt Country side of things… most of them can rock as well so that gives a range to the kinds of songs that I can pitch… and the songs I have in mind.. most of them are going to be stuff that people never heard of. A lot of what I want to hear covered and played these days are the treasure trove of the forgotten, overlooked, ignored and maybe abandoned songs from the 80s Cowpunk era.  There is also a smattering of punk, metal, hard rock, alternative, grunge, pop, and garage rock stuff that I don’t think got it’s due that that I think is worth hearing with new and current voices.

In my day dreams not only to the artists that I have in mind … recording these covers that they also bring attention to the bands and musicians who wrote and recorded them originally.  Following this series you will see several band names come up over and over as having written songs that I would like to see covered… It’s a simple matter of those bands are the ones that I keep coming back to over and over and wishing that more people knew and were talking about.

This series is going to be sporadic but I assure you that I have been mapping it out for several weeks… I plan to have the 1st installment in the next week or so…

One final note.. yes I use “…” way to much but it’s a habit that I feel gives a conversational feel…

Anyway.. enjoy..

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