Saturday, January 1, 2011

Restless Kind 2011

For most of the history of this blog I have been working with out any real plan. I just post when I feel moved to do so, but for 2011, I have a roadmap for what I want to post over the course of coming year.

I am not going to go into exactly what I am going to cover, but I hope to have:

26 Friday Forgotten Books which will be posted ever other Friday

26 Film reviews which will be of older mostly forgotten films and will be posted on the Tuesday of the week opposite the Forgotten Books.

26 Soundtrack Reviews will appear on Thursdays following the film reviews and will often be related to the films from that week, but will mostly also be for films that have fallen off the radar.

12 Flash Fictions which I am still working on and will most likely be posted when they get done.

In 2009 I read a Hard Case Crime paperback and a Donald Westlake book each month, in 2010 I carried on with the Hard Case Crime book along with a John D MacDonald book. This coming year I am planning to read a Lawrence Block book each month, and instead of catching up on my Hard Case Crime collection I am going to read a Stark House Press book each month. As Stark House books contain more than one novel, I am only going to read one of novels from each collection each month.

I am also going to do my month reads posts around the end of each month, and what ever else catches my fancy.


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