Friday, December 9, 2011

FFB License Renewed by John Gardner

This was the first Bond book that I read. I only recall that we were on a family trip out east when I was reading it, but nothing about the book or the plot. It was a big deal that these new Bond books were coming out in the 80s and I read most of them long before I cracked any of the Fleming books. Looking back I am really not sure that there needed to be new Bond books in the 80s, and I am not sure that they need new ones now... at least not ones set in the current landscape. I might be on board with some retro adventures set in the 50s, 60s, and maybe even into the 70s.

I'm going to open this one up to the readers, thoughts, comments, anything that you recall about the Gardner Bond?

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Evan Lewis said...

I read and enjoyed all the Gardners, though they seemed a bit more contrived than the Fleming books. The villains were continually inviting Bond into their lairs, where he would inevitably destroy them. Don't they ever learn?