Monday, January 5, 2009

Joan Blondell

I have been watching quite a few films from the 1930s recently, and have become a big fan of Joan Blondell. She was just the kinda fast talking, smart dame that I like...  

They sure don't make them like her anymore... check out Gold Diggers of 1933, Footlight Parade, or 3 on a Match to see her shine.


Robert Fate said...

Thanks Eric for the clips of Joan Blondell. She was terrific. Best regards, Bob Fate

Iren said...

Thanks for stopping by, and thank for the Baby Shark series, I have been enjoying it a lot.. Blondell just gets more and more amazing the more films and roles I see her in..

boiledoverbooksn said...

Dear Eric:

I took a look at your blog to see what you'd written about the new Stark House Whittington. To Find Cora was the first of the novels selected for that collection and we were happy to give it back Harry's original title instead of the rather nonsensical title it was given in 1963, Cora Is A Nympho. The rest of the collection was designed to fit around Cora, though all three of the novels seem to have their fans. ... Then I came across your post on Joan Blondell. Add me to the Blondell Army. Her performances in those early Warner's films like Taxi and Public Enemy are absolutely incandescent. If anyone out there knows how to get a look at Little Miss Pinkerton, a film written by my mentor, Niven Busch, I'd love to see it. Niven told me that both he and Ms. Blondell snuck out of the preview of that one ... and not because they were happy with the results!


David Laurence Wilson