Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Work and Politics

Today was the primary in Michigan.... no I didn't go out and vote. There is a simple reason and it's that because of the state having moved their primary up the Democratic Party isn't going to seat the Michigan Delegates, and the Republicans are only going to have half of their delegates seated... the whole point of moving the primary was to focus attention on Michigan and our Economic problems... this includes the dire job situation in here... There is a lot of talk about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the state, and really I just don't see it. What we need to focus on is bringing High Tech jobs here and educating the people of Michigan to fill those jobs. If we are going to invest in manufacturing it needs to be more than just the auto industry. To me the auto industry's biggest failing has been in being the auto industry and not the transportation industry. The facts are these, people need to get around, and with the cost of gas, the movements towards greener living and towards healthier living that that there are other ways to get around, and we need to seriously look at them. Trains, trams, bike lanes, sidewalks, better mass transit all over would not only leave us a richer, healthier and in someways a happier nation, investment in these things would also provide jobs. Not only in the manufacturing of the products needed to create a mass transit culture, but the services that would go along with it...... if only more people would think more of the community than of their wants and needs... at any rate, I hear all the talk about bringing manufacturing back to the state, and honestly? i don't see it. It's as if Michigan is a boyfriend who has been dumped and can't move on, it's time to let go, it's time to find someone else and it's time start over.

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