Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dreaming is free..

Obviously I enjoy writing, even if I need an editor and someone to push me for second drafts, and honestly, don't tell anyone... I have secretly always thought that my profession was going to be writing.... and in a lot of ways it has been, I have just had to earn my living doing other stuff... anyway, today I want to talk about what some people have called the Ann Arbor Dream Job, working at This is the parent company for allmusic, allmovie, and allgames dot com. I would love to be able to got the office every day and sort though movies, music and games that need to be watched, listened to or played and write about them, or assign people to do write about them and then review their writing. Sure I know that it's not that simple, but what a job it would be... and if I could do that, and a make enough money to live and thrive, wow, what else could someone want?
That brings me to the real question why don't I go after that job and that life? the simple answer is that I am a bit afraid of it, that the act of writing is so personal, the act of reviewing and saying if you like or connect with something is so personal that the danger to your innerself is so great that most of us avoid it like the plague. It's also a control issue, that if I write for me I have complete control over what I put out there, I determine when something is done, which rules of grammar I can skip or if I want something to be simple or complex... So here I am, spending my time and energy writing about things that I care about or at least things that I am interested in... for the readers out there, charging nothing, and taking nothing in return..... I will come back to this later.... but now it's time to give a few thoughts to...

Traveling. I wrote last time about traveling south and starting out the year on the road in south east corner of the USA. I wrote before that about the car and a little about the set up I was day dreaming about. The one thing that I didn't talk about is having a traveling companion... I have traveled alone, and I have traveled with family... once with a couple of friends... but mostly with just my brother and sister. That is fine for a while, but what I have really always wanted was a special lady friend to share my travels with. Someone who I can stand to be around, and who can stand to be around me, someone who isn't going to suddenly want me to change and settle down to live what I think of as the GI (standard issue) middle class life (what ever that is these days), is going to be ok with the nomadic impulse to see what is over the next ridge and at the end of the road, and maybe even someone that wants to follow that road as much as I do..... Obviously I have not found that woman yet, but I do keep my eyes open to see if she wanders into my life.

OK enough for today... oh and the link for allmedia guide jobs is

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