Monday, January 14, 2008

Job Hunt Limbo

It's a monday morning and I feel like I am in limbo in this job search. Really living in Ann Arbor, the best game in town is working at the University of Michigan ... and as I wrote last week I am flagged as 'Do Not Rehire' at the moment. IKEA (my former employer) is a total no-go as well, I have applied for I don't know how many jobs there and am could not even getting the courtesy of a 'we are not interested' response when I was still an employee.... this of course goes against the HR policy as stated in their Co-worker handbook... and now I still get nothing. I did not get the paper yesterday, so I didn't look and see if there was anything of interest there. I have given a quick look at the on line job sources and am not seeing much of note.... maybe I should have gotten a education in the computing field as that seems to have a lot of openings.

The other part of my limbo is that I am working, in fact I have 6 hours today at one of my jobs, but it's not the kind of work that is anything more than filling slots in the schedule and the pay is helping to keep me afloat, but right now I am coming close, but just missing my target earnings for each week.

Ok, onto the fun part of this blog. On the Road, I last left off with the idea of being in Atlanta, and honestly, just as I feel a little bit in limbo about the job hunt, I also feel a bit in limbo about where to go from Atlanta. I figure that after a weekend, I would be ready to wander on down the road. .. I think that Charleston [] would be a solid next stop. I would like to visit Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum [] and to see Fort Sumter [] which was the starting place of the US Civil War.

more later

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