Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Middle of the week... slump

I am still here, still thinking and wondering about this blog. I don't know if I have stated that I don't intend to post here everyday, but I felt like I needed to post something during this week.

The job hunt, has been on the back burner the last couple of days, mainly because I have been at work. I know that might sound strange, someone looking for work who doesn't have the time because they are at work, but it's true. I have a pair of gigs where I can pick hours here and there. These are the jobs that have kept me afloat the last couple of months. Anyway, I am still looking...

One thing that I do want to take a moment to talk about is the number of jobs I see posted in the area that have been open for months and months. What is going on here? Do the powers that be really want to fill these jobs? Are there not a lot of people out of work and looking? Now I know that some jobs that have very specific skills that are required, but plenty of the jobs that I am seeing and talking about are not jobs that require a masters degree or specialized training... so I gotta wonder, are the bean counters really just trying to hold the carrot out there while expecting their workers to cover for a job that they are never going to fill?

Ok, I have to run out the door here in a moment, but I left off day dreaming about spending time in Savannah Ga, and I would think that about this time in the week I would wander up towards Atlanta, which would be a great place to spend the weekend. So let's just say that I spent my time at the shore and exploring the coast, and then would spend this afternoon heading up to Atlanta. I will have more to say about Atlanta tomorrow.

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