Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Intro... intro.. Go!

Welcome to my new Blog... when I say new I do mean my first here on Blog Spot, but not my first on the web. I of course am a bit of a interloper and keep various blogs at various sites. I have the Myspace thing, but that's mainly for keeping track of my friends in Sweden and the Twin Cities (and a few strays) who don't e-mail or what every, I have my mog ( where I write about music, but that's my music place and everything else belongs somewhere else... I have a multiply account and a Garage Punk Hideout page, but none of those really were what I was looking for when I thought of this new project.

What project is that you ask, well The Restless Kind (when I manage to not type The Restless King) is going to be my blog home for 2 main things, recording my job search and my virtual wanderings. I will sometimes post other stuff here as well, mostly reposted stuff from mog (mostly when I want to reach more I-Balls with something). The plan is to post frequently, often and often with our editing..... I want this to be raw, in the moment and reflective of my moods, be they good bad or what ever.

So the two main types of posts as I mentioned are going to be about work and travel. The work stuff is going to help keep track of my job search, first for a job that pays the bills, second for a job that has benefits and lastly for that all too elusive dream job, the one that satisfies my needs not only in terms of pay, but my sense of fulfillment. In the course of these blog posts you can expect rants, observations, a few stories and mostly like a few links to places that I am looking for work. I am sort of hoping that you out there reading this might also find some use in my job posts with info and tools that I am going to write about. The one thing that I know for sure is that it's not going to be a easy haul, and that even if I secure employment that is ok, I will keep on posting about what else I am looking for, my impressions of the american work world and what I see that is right and wrong. The first thing that I have to say about work is that you owe it to your self to go out and rent The Wire season 2...

The other type of posting I intend to have on this blog is about one of my passions, travel. I have the bug, I am a wander, an observer and interloper in this world. I like to see what is over the next hill, I like to walk the grocery stores of the world, you see and learn so much. I like the streets, the coffee shops, checking out the juke boxes and wandering the book stores. Shopping malls, airports, train stations and I like the open road. I have seen parts of this world that I want to visit again, I have been places that I need to check back in on, and for now, in this semi employed state, I just don't have the cash to really venture into the world... so I am going to do so via this blog. This will take the form of me talking about a place, places or path between places that I want to visit or revisit. There will be links to cities, states, countries websites or wiki pages. I will mention things, places and establishments that I would like to visit and revisit..... you get the idea.. and I will flesh some things as I go along...

For now I think I will start with a few parting thoughts and words for you all...

My name is Eric, I currently live in Ann Arbor Michigan, I am looking for work, I like to travel (mostly in Northern Europe, The Great Lake States and the Pacific Northwest), I am a Rockfiend (as in Rock'n'Roll addict... but I'm not limited to Rock'n'Roll), I and a movie buff, I like good beer, good bread, fresh fruit, pastries, reading, writing, riding my bicycle and spending time with people. Too Much Coffeeman says Addiction is Unavoidable, Choose yours wisely.... I would say that my addiction is Information, and I long to share that information.

Lastly, I want this blog to be readable, I am not a grammar freak, and I can't seem to remember half the rules that they tried to get me to, so sorry if I drive you crazy at all with my writing.... enjoy.

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