Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pulp Noir/ Hard Core Crime Todays Purchases

I was out shopping today, and picked up these two pulps. The AA Fair (who was really Earl Stanley Gardner) and Prather books were chosen for two very different reasons. The Prather book was because writer Christa Faust 
had mentioned that this was the book that brought her back to crime stories and because one of my all time favorite bands The Forbidden Dimension has a great tune called Dig That Cra-a-azy  Grave!  so I figured that I would have to check it out. The AA Fair book was because of the cover, and the fact that it's a entry in the Cool and Lam PI series. I read Top of the Heap which is a Cool and Lam book (reissued by Hard Case Crime) and enjoyed it very much.

alas, I won't get to read either of these until I am done with my current book.... The Hunter by Richard Stark.... who was of course the recently passed Donald E. Westlake....

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