Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Records in 2009 I am excited about

It's a new year, there is no longer a baby boomer (or baby doomer as I like to call them) running the USA, and it's time to look forward. There are new things in the wings that I am happy to see arrive in stores....... there are books, and movies and what not, but it's the music that I feel the need to talk about at the moment. So far I have heard about two forthcoming albums that I am excited about.
First is the new Neko Case album- Middle Cyclone which arrives on March 3 2009, promises to keep the dreamy, sometimes dark, feel of her last record Fox Confessor Brings the Flood. Neko has a voice that is that of a real woman, with hints of depth and maturity that is missing from so many of the American Idol/ Teen pop types. For a short time her song, People Got A Lotta Nerve, can be downloaded at The Anti label blog  ( here is a little video from Neko her self about the charity tie with her new single...

here is the Pre Order  link mentioned on the image.

The second record I am excited about is the new one from The Thermals. For those not in the know, The Thermals  (Wiki & Myspace) are a political punk group from Portland much in the mode of The Minutemen, Wire, and their ilk, with the political complexity of the best stuff that the Dead Kennedy's released. I was lucky enough to see them play at the Triple Rock in MSP,  it was a great show, and I eagerly await their newest offerings...

here is the video for one of my fave Thermals tunes-

They are on Kill Rock Stars  these days, and here is the album cover and a little ad from their label


Brianne said...

Oh hey! I know you! How's life post-IKEA?

I'll have to think about that Neko Case album... I liked the stuff they played on The Current a lot, I'm just lazy about buying/downloading music.

Iren said...

Life post IKEA... you know of all the jobs i've had IKEA is the one that haunts me the most, as I put the most into it and thought it was going to be career... but alas... I am doing security work again, getting paid better than IKEA, and getting by.... and you?