Saturday, January 31, 2009

1/2009 Playlist

It's a new year, and so I thought it would also be time for a revamped playlist header. The monthly playlist is something that I have been doing for almost three years now, it's simply a new iTunes play list each month titled for the month, and add what ever tracks catch my ear or stick in my brain to it. When the month is over, I file the old list, start a new one. When I joined ( in June of 2006 and started writing a summary and/or comentary for each track sometimes posting a related video as well. As time passed Mog started to wane, and I decided to branch out my posting of the list. At first I added it to my multiply page, my gather page, my Myspace page, but all of that got to be too much, so from here on out I will only post this list on my mog page and my blog ( Thanks to everyone who has been reading along and feel free to post comments, questions or what ever in the comments section. Enjoy
Eric Reanimator.

We Will Fall by The Stooges  
The first thing that I thought when I heard of the passing of Ron Asheton was We Will Fall indeed. I have already paid tribute to him on my blog and my mog pages, so I am going to limit my comments to just this track. It's a hypnotic trance like dirge of a tune, it's long and droning, it's simple, but it's got a punch to it. It's like a meditation, it's like it's whispering truth in the midst of chaos, it's the quite at the eye of the storm and it's a great example of how The Stooges could be lower key and reflective.... in a fairly simple way.

Gospel Plow by Screaming Trees
Following the We will Fall with the Screaming Trees playing their rocked out version of this gospel tune was a happy accident. I added it because I have been thinking about this album while trying to get started on writing my book on it. No, I haven't gotten the nod for the 33 1/3 people, I honestly don't think I am going to, but I have committed to myself to write it anyway. This tune is much like We Will Fall in that it has a quiet droning quality, and it's reflective and deals with the issues of morality. All of the elements of this song work just right, the traditional moments melt just right into the swirling guitar and thudding bass that were the hallmarks of the Screaming Trees sound....

Honeymoon Hotel by Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler & Chorus
It's catchy, fun, and slightly subversive. This song lodged in my brain like a bullet when I saw Footlight Parade this past month. On thing, this song works on it's own, but it's better when you see it from the film...

Catwoman on the moon by Riot Squad  
I've been a Staggers since their previous incarnation Riot Squad, a Dallas based Oi!/Street punk band singing about horror films and politics. They have always been catchy, basic, fun and filled with energy. For some reason Catwoman on the Moon got stuck in my head.

What Stephanie Wants by T.S.O.L
TSOL have come a long way since the early 1980s and Long Beach CA. They were part of the second wave of SoCal punk, and were notable for their political lyrics and great hooks.. you can read the history at one of the links above.. anyway, this track is from their new album (which was a free download when I got it this past month, and it still might be).... This tune is just a solid punk rock tune that has all the energy of their recent out put. You can hear the classic punk sounds of The Ramones and the Damned, but also the bark and bite of classic TSOL. If anything they have become more subtle in their sociopolitical lyrics.

See you next month.

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