Monday, June 30, 2008

In the Digital Dust Bin

So I was thinking about this while writing my monthly Playlist Post.... in this age, of the MP3 and the Digital Dustbin... what' going to happen to all those great songs that people have written that never caught on, or that had a moment of minor

I was thinking about The Earps, and made some comment about their song being a perfect tune that someone should discover in the next couple of years and cover... but it's not like it's going to be on a 7" that will get rescued from a thrift shop or garage sale. There are no any thrift shop scroungers who are going to be moving their punk band into the alt country world that are going to find it and think.... The Earps... for a quarter this might be worth adding to our collection...

So what's going to happen to all these orphans, abandoned files and forgotten tunes, as the digital rot sets in, as the their authors fade into the world of "real jobs", kids, family, house payments (ok, ok... I know only rich people can afford houses these days, so let's call it rent)... who is going to find them and cover them, strip them down, repurpose them, sample them, see something ... just a spark... in them and resurrect them? and how are they going to find them?

Who is digging in the digital dust

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