Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Buckcherry... yes that's right

Back buring Buckcherry’s 15 fleeting fame in the late 1990’s (is that when it was??) we, being the Hi Energy Rock and Roll freaks, used to say… No Chuck Berry, not buckcherry!.. there was a brief flurry of accolades about how they were bringing back rock and roll, and how they were the new GnR, and all of that stuff. Mean while there was a small underground of us who were into; Gluecifer, Turbonegro, The Hellacopters, The Flaming Sideburns, Electric Frankenstien, Zeke, The Supersuckers, and a whole bunch of other bands that were playing the same type of Hi Energy rock as Buckcherry (see the whole of the A Fistful of Rock comps for that story).

Buckcherry seemed like the record industry stab at that underground, putting out their version of the that type of music, and for a moment it was on the MTV, it was on the Clear Channel, and it was in the Magazines… and I have to admit I thought it was shite. Really, why these guys? Why not any of the bands I just mentioned? Why not The Wildhearts? Why not Mother Love Bone… that’s right Andrew Wood is dead…. Anyway, it was a joke to my little world of rockfiends.

Cut to 2008, a band that had been pretty much written off and forgotten ends up on the cover of Billbored Magazine and I read this article about how they lost their record deal, how they signed to a little indie and made good on their promise of keeping on keeping on. After selling several thousand copies of their album 15 (I’ll let you figure out what the title means) they were picked up by a major and have steadily been selling.

Now, I am a little older and wiser, and I know that before I pass judgment on something I should at least give it a listen. I learned this from the white stripes, whose first two records I listened to twice, and was mind numbingly bored out of my skull by… twice…. But at least I listened to them… So I figured that I would give this new Buckcherry a shot.

Not being a rich man, I simply checked it out of the local library… after almost two months of having it on hold, I finally got it last night. I haven’t listened to it all the way through yet, only the single Crazy Bitch and some other tune that I don’t even recall the name of have been injected into my ears… but I promise that I am going to give it a couple of spins and see where it lands. Sure I wish that it was one of those other bands that were getting the shot (the Trashbrats or a end of the line shot for Adam West or The Hellacopters would be so nice) but I am hoping that maybe their current resurrection will help people find some of the others that I have mentioned, and the hundreds of others I haven’t…. nutrajet, The Bellrays, ect.

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