Friday, June 27, 2008

I’ll take ‘em on consignment..

Review of...

Thieves' highway DVD

This is an excellent nourish film about the scam filled world of trucking circa 1947 or so. The story is pretty much what you expect from the era, a solider comes home after the war to find out that his old man has been injured and ripped off by a crooked produce distributor… Of course the son sets out to do right by the old man and get his money. This means getting a load of apples with a less than scrupulous partner and selling them for more than they paid (free enterprise indeed)… drama, crime, and a fallen woman ensue and the story comes full circle. There’s no gun play, but there is enough tough guy talk, enough action and enough tension to keep the viewer interested. I would think that anyone who’s a fan of Elmore Leonard’s Mr. Majestyk would enjoy this film.

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