Thursday, June 26, 2008

Artist: Alejandro Escovedo Album: Real Animal

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While waiting for my LP of Real Animal to arrive at my local record shop, I have had to make due with what ever tracks I have been able to scavenge from the net at the moment. I am kind of a late comer to the Alejandro Escovedo party... but not really, as I have been a fan of his past fans bands, The Nuns and Rank'n'File for some time... but after reading a lot about him and his records I picked up The Boxing Mirror while on vacation in Hawaii several years back. The track Sacramento and Polk stood out to me, as it's about the Nuns, and when I heard that Real Animal was going to be more tunes in the vein of Sacramento and Polk I couldn't

What I have heard of this record so far I have really liked, and I am thinking this might be my record of the year.. but I have to wait and see... until then, the video gives a solid over view of the new record and Alejandro's history.. all of this ties into a little project that I am working on (very slowly) about the 80's Cowpunk bands that I am a fan of... one thing that struck me watching the first video in this post is that Alejandro's musical journey starts with what I consider the most important underground scene of the last centry... punk rock.... trips through the Cowpunk years... and comes out on the other side as the poster boy for Alt Country (which might be the most important underground scene currently)... and I hope that with this album he launches into the mainstream.... or at least gets the years and dollars of those who have been following, but also those who haven't.

... more to come on this one I am sure.

video's can be watched at the above listed mog page.

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