Wednesday, June 25, 2008

2 DVD reviews for you all…

411 on the independent music movement

Information purposes only.

This isn’t a narrative DVD as much as a set of information about the music biz, record stores, promotion, accounting and all of that kind of stuff. Some of it’s pretty basic and if you are a complete beginner in the music biz this should be helpful. I only ended up watching a little it of it, as I was more interested in the subject than looking for information about the biz. I did once upon a time run a record label and this information is solid and useable… I just wish that this DVD had been more of a documentary narrative following the connection between all of the information and not so chopped up and dispersed. More than anything this DVD (which is really 3 DVDs) is aimed at an audience that is looking for resources and information, rather than looking for a peek at the “independent music movement”

It’s about growing up…and doing what you have to do!

Life isn’t the same for everyone, and in many ways Juno isn’t for the mainstream… so it’s a bit of a surprise that it was so popular, that it got the attention that it did, and that people so readily embraced it. I tend to think of the phenomenon as what I like to call the Duckie Effect (named for Pretty in Pinks Duckie Dale)… which is to say that Juno is everything that people want to believe that they like, that they are attracted to… but you give them the real life version of Juno and they run as far away as possible, or act like a bunch of judgmental Nazis.

The film is whimsical, it’s fun, it’s filled with the odd ball kind of underground/outsider cynicism that a small pocket of people in every community exhibit. It’s the story of a pregnant teen and how SHE steps up to deal with her situation. She is smart enough to know that she is still a kid, has enough heart to know that she wants the baby to end up with a good family, and has enough of a sense of humor (some time’s dark humor) to know that she has do some pretty grow up things while navigating a world that, let’s face it… doesn’t know what to do with a girl who isn’t falling into the places that she is supposed to.

Also I have to add, that having lived in Minnesota for a couple of years, that this film struck a cord with me in the way that local culture, expectations, and regional madness are all talked about and covered in this film….. plus who doesn’t love a spunky girl who thinks Sonic Youth Sucks (which they do) and listens to Mott The Hoople?

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