Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I watch the - Watchemen

I saw it yesterday, and enjoyed it. I am not sure it was either pure and utter bollocks or it was perfect. Yes I would have much rather seen a Terry Gilliam 12 part mini-series for HBO, and I didn't really dig Malin Akermang that much.... however I did think that  Carla Gugino was great, and was reminded that she is a very under rated actress...   

One thing that it reminded me of was just how bleak the 80s were for many people. Where I lived there was always talk about the evil republicans dropping the bomb. I grew up expecting this world to end or radically change and the fears of Watchmen echo that environment. I also thought it was amazing how relevant the themes of the film were today. I did like the changes that were made, I think they were logical made the story more cohesive. 

Over all I want to see it again.


pattinase (abbott) said...

I don't recall any movie that I have heard such diverse opinions. I guess I'll wait for the DVD because I'm not too much into graphic novels.

Iren said...

I think that seeing it in the theater was a good experience because of the lack of distraction....On the other hand I hope that the DVD will include more material and fill out the richness and depth of the GN more fully.

sexy said...