Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3/2009 Playlist

My monthly playlist is a project that I have been working on for three years now, it's simply a new iTunes play list each month titled for the month, and I add what ever tracks catch my ear or stick in my brain during the month to it. When the month is over, I file the old list, start a new one. When I joined Mog.com (www.mog.com/iren) in June of 2006 and started writing a summary and/or commentary for each track sometimes posting a related video as well. As time passed Mog started to wane, and I decided to branch out my posting of the list. At first I added it to my multiply page, my gather page, my Myspace page, but all of that got to be too much, so from here on out I will only post this list on my mog page and my blog (www.restlesskind.blogspot.com). On my Mog page on the right hand side there is a widget that links to all the past entries if you want to go back and check them out. Thanks to everyone who has been reading along and feel free to post comments, questions or what ever in the comments section. Enjoy

Burning by Awesome Color

"In Detroit, The fires burn" I don't think that I really need to say much more about this song, with it's ringing Stooges Detroit Hi Energy Rock and Roll vibe.... I'm pretty much a sucker for these kinds of tunes, they are in my bones and in my soul.

One Horse Down by Baskery (from the SXSW Mixtape)

Speaking of thins in my soul..... Sweden, Stockholm, and Hi Energy (there is that word again) Country/Bluegrass... and it just finally kicked in why the into sounds so familiar it's right out of the opening credits of the show Deadwood. These 
jätte-söt sisters sound like they came from the hills of Appalachia, not the metropolitan environs of Stockholm.... but hey they kick out this tune with the passion and fury that matches anyone out there today. I found this from the SXSW mix tape.... that would be the plethora of MP3 downloads that the SXSW site offer.

Shake Your Hips by The Rolling Stones
Do I really need to say anything? no I'll let the Stones speak for me on this one. This is the one song off of Exile that stays with me.

Trouble by The Dirt Drifters (from the
SXSW Mixtape)

This is a classic style country rock tune, about drinking and guilt and the story tellers worries about what his woman is going to do when he gets home. I am not sure but this might qualify as a feminist tune.... anyway it rocks and I don't see any reason that it shouldn't be all over radio.... oh that's right radio was sold out by the last two administrations...

AMONG THE SURVIVORS by The Latebirds (from the SXSW Mixtape)

I am going to tag this tune as pop rock, but not quite power pop. It's got an energy that reminds me of the band The Soundtrack of Our Lives, only not as full sounding, which works. (from the
SXSW Mixtape)

Up And Down by The Chesterfield Kings (from the SXSW Mixtape)

Do you miss the classic late 60's Stones and British Blues rock? Then the The Chesterfield Kings are a band that you should check out. This track rocks along with energy and a nice little hook.

The Plank by The Devil Makes Three (from the
SXSW Mixtape)

I really just like the bouncy surreal folk feel of this one, I also like the pirate/nautical theme. The song might seem like a gimmick if it weren't for the fact that it keeps your head
boppin along.

This Tornado Loves You by Neko Case
Polar Nettles by
Neko Case
Who didn't think that
Neko would make my playlist for a second month? As I delve into Neko's new album more and more I find the strength and weaknesses of it, and these two tracks rank right at the top of the strengths.

Hard Times In America by Willie Nile (from the SXSW Mixtape)

The title says it all, this has a very All Along the Watchtower (Hendrix version) feel.....but don't let that scare you, it's also got illusions to other great tunes, and this has to go next to We can't Make It Here by 
James McMurtry expressing the populist anger of the failure of the American Dream...... I mean American Nightmare.

Now We Can See by The Thermals

Speaking of people who have been telling it like it is, The Thermals have been one of the few newer Punk bands that do anything for me and with this song they do a lot. Not only in terms of energy and lyrics, but the fact that this comes from the 7" released in advance of their forthcoming album (anyone want to take odds that I am going to have more of their stuff here next month?).... the brilliant news that I have to report about the 7" is that it came with a free download of the tracks from the Kill Rock Stars site.......... this is how you do it kids, give us the vinyl, give us the MP3s I can put it on the record player at home, I can put it in my
iPod and take it with me.... fuckin' Brilliant. They are playing down the street from me at the end of next month, and that also gets my attention, bring the music to the masses, not just the arenas... Oh and the song rocks!

Crazy by Whitey Morgan and the 78's (from the
SXSW Mixtape)
Lot's of people know that when I talk about the greats of country music I am thinking of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. Of these guys the two that get the most play from me are Johnny (no surprise there) and.... Waylon, and that's who these guys remind me of, and that's who they are most inspired by. Singer Whitey Morgan sound like Waylon even more then Waylon's son Shooter (another fave of mine), but it's more than just sounding like Waylon, he carries the weight and depth that Waylon had.... and carries the torch in a world that seems to have largely forgotten and wants to forget. It's no wonder that the band is from Flint Michigan, as Nashville would have shown them the door. 

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