Sunday, March 29, 2009

Detroit Roller Girls V. The Windy City Rollers

Last night was the big show down, and sadly I have to report the home team didn't fair well.  As my brother said "they got their skates handed to them". There was one point where they were trailing by 70 points..... however one of the things that I really like about going to the derby is that it's not just the points that matter, there are moments when you see someone or a team rally or break out and have a shot at catching up,  just to have that snatched away by a penalty or a fall. 
There were several such moments in last nights bout..... There were moments when the hair on my arms was standing up, and it looked like Detroit was going to catch up, only to have those moment vanish with the tweet of a whistle. 

The blocking on the part of the Windy City team and the repeated trips to the penalty box is what really did Detroit in.  It also seemed that only Killbox and Honey Suckitt were able to get past the windy city blockers and they didn't get to jam all that often. I am left wondering what  a Windy City Home bout is like

One complaint on my part..... the music... it's just so expected so much of the time, how about some more South East Michigan centered tunes.....  to that end I offer the following suggestions for local connected tunes to be played:

The Stooges- Down on the Street
The Stooges- Gimmie Danger
The Stooges- Search and Destroy
The MC5- Kick out the Jams
The MC5- Thunder Express
Radio Birdman- Hand of Law
Radio Birdman- Decent into the Malestorm
Radio Birdman- Alone in the Endzone
Radio Birdman- Hangin On
Radio Birdman- Do the Move and Change
Alice Cooper- Under my Wheels
Alice Cooper- No More Mr. Nice Guy
Mitch Ryder - Devil in a Blue Dress

Over all I had a great time and am  looking forward to the next derby on 11 April 2009, which will be the  Devil's Night Dames vs. Pistolwhippers
More info at Detroit Derby Girls


Paul Brazill said...

A fantastic selecton of songs.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Where do these women skate?

Iren said...

Paul: That's just a start, and amazingly all of those bands have a Detroit connection...

Patti- The Masonic Temple drill hall... let me know if you and yours check out a bout and we can at least meet and and put faces to the names.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Eric-if we don't meet before July, Megan will doing a reading at Borders Birmingham. But come over anytime for a beer/coffee.

Iren said...

Patti- Keep me posted on that reading and I will do what I can to make it out there.... I suspect we will meet up sooner or later.