Thursday, July 17, 2008

Screwed up family

If you don't have a truly screwed up family... you can pretty much pass on this one... but as awful and messy, and lame, and stupid... even while talking as if they are smart... it's nice to know that I am not alone in having a family that really isn't a family.... this flick got bad reviews all over the place, with critics talking about the depression, the nastiness and how they just didn't want to be around these people... well I have news for you, some of us have family like this... some of us have family that is worse, and really we don't always want to be around them either, but they are our family.... this is a flick for people that are deeply flawed, that have a history of mistakes, bad choices and who are just raging not only to figure out what is right, but for something anything to be right!!! Now there are moments that don't work, but there are others that are classic Baumbach, and there are moments when I felt like I wanted to see his earlier funnier stuff again.... over all it was worth watching, but unless you are a fan, I would skip it..

Oh and I love the dark and dull look of the film...

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