Thursday, July 31, 2008

Play List 7 2008

Each month, since Feb of 2006, I start a playlist in my iTunes of the tunes that catch my ear that month. I started off writing a post to my Mog page with a short review or comments of each track, not only to keep a running diary for myself, but also to hopefully point others toward these tunes. In the last several months I have started to cross post this information on other sites where I keep blogs. (If you are reading this somewhere besides Mog, you can find all the old ones at  I want to apologies for any weird formatting stuff right here and now, I type this in MS word and then post it on these various message places, some of which have…w ell formatting issues….

Anyway for this month here is what caught my ear…


Today's Lesson by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds    

I really like the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album… what else is there to say? Look it rocks, it rolls, it’s got that roots punch, it hints at garage rock and screams like the stooge! All the while it’s like… like… listen I think …. Hum… scratch that, this is crazy, in all honestly these songs just stick in my head, they have the energy and the drive of the Stooges class stuff, and it’s almost like Nick heard that last ‘stooges’ record and figured he’d cut a bunch of tunes to remind those guys how it’s done… in fact fuck it, Ron Asheton lives about six blocks from where I sit, I should burn him a copy of this disc and leave it in his mailbox with a note screaming…. THIS IS HOW IT’S DONE…. Love Nick


Roof with a hole by Meat Puppets

I blame a lot of people for this one… first and foremost is the last woman that broke my heart… for inspiring me to buy a copy of Too High To Die…next is the Noel Murray’s Popless series on the AV Club ( … you are reading that??? Rich? It might only be the most important look at music and culture this year… in fact forget what ever I am writing and get over there and spend the weekend reading the archives….  Any way Murray mentioned the Meat Puppets and this tune, so I figured I needed to check it again… and what do you know… it’s a neo-classic….


More News From Nowhere by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds           

Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! By Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds   

(See above)


Sister Lost Soul by Alejandro Escovedo     

Always A Friend by Alejandro Escovedo

 More of the old punk showing the old timers how they used to do it… Sister Lost Soul and Always a Friend are pure rock and roll… no prefix needed, even though it’s all got bits and parts of what ever else Al figured he would throw in…. I want to shout out that Always A Friend is the best Neo-Classic (and that’s the word of the month, or day, or what ever for me) tune to come down the pike in I don’t know how long…

Copperhead Road by            Steve Earle

When it comes to 80’s rock from the country side of the tracks, music calling back to the 50’s (in this case an update of Thunder Road with Robert Mitchum) hillbilly culture you don’t get much better than this… with it’s perfect lyrics and it’s riff and why in the hell isn’t every other wannabe alt country/Cowpunk band have this in their set? Why didn’t the clash ever cover it… and why hasn’t Neko Case, Nick Cave, Mark Lanegan, or Alejandro Escovedo            for that matter failed to cover this?


Dig That Cra-A-Azy Grave! By Forbidden Dimension

It’s the Forbidden Dimension… really they are one of those bands that should be on every months list… but hey, this one was called back to me when listening to a interview it the great pulp write Christ Faust ( mentioned a novel by Richard S Prather called Dig that Crazy Grave… and I had to listen to the song again…. And I am looking for the Prather book btw…


Mission Stardust by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Speaking of pulp… this tune from the Thrill Kill Kult’s overlooked electro-pulp album also was on my list of noir and glam trash stuff that I have to revisit… Mission Stardust… the album is one that I really hope is rediscovered by the masses soon, and that every other rockfiend with a clue is playing it..


Doctorin' the Empire by The Celebrity Murder Party 

The KLF mashes up the Dr. Who theme with Gary Glitter’s Rock & Roll… that’s all, it’s fun trash, it’s silly and I added it to the list for some reason..


2LIVnDIEinLA by Hazelden      

Really I am not sure why I included this one… other than I wanted to remind myself to listen to it more… so check it out for your self at


Thoughts, comments, spare change.

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