Monday, July 21, 2008

Modern Adventure

I spotted this book one day while walking through the library... and it seemed to call out to me for some reason. I was sure that I had seen it somewhere before, so I pulled it off the shelf and took a look. It's the story of Tim Severin who in the late 70's built a leather boat and sailed it from Ireland to North America.... mostly to show that it could be done. Inspired by the Navigatio of Saint Brendan he wanted to try and retrace the journey of the tale...... Now thinking back I am sure that my father owned a copy of this book, and I recall him telling me that St. Brendan had landed in North American not only before Columbus but before Leif Eriksson and his Greenlanders.... The book is an interesting tale of not only Severin's trip, but of the building of the boat, the decoding of the Navigatio and the experience of modern man using obsolete technology to complete a trip thought impossible. Like Thor Heyerdahl, Severin also has shown that even with this world having been mapped that there is still adventure to be found.... for those who dare to dream! Tim Severin is on the web at:

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