Friday, July 11, 2008


Revenge, Family, duty... maybe we are all soldiers in this world, driven to act by not only our hearts and minds, but on the orders of others. 361 is the story of Ray Kelly, who leaves the US Airforce and promptly looses all that's left of his family, of his stability, and just as he's stops being a solider (OK Airman, as he says in the first chapter).... he becomes one, instead of fighting for Uncle Sam, it's his dad, it's his brother and it's those who have taken away all that he had... the book is everything a paperback pulp should be, fast, enjoyable and there is even something extra .... a couple of paragraphs where Ray buys and then rips up a couple of mystery/action paperbacks because they lack any cost to the hero for his war... and Ray already knows you're gonna pay for your actions. A solid entry from the Hard Case Line

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