Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm still here, still waiting

Yes it's a new month and I didn't have all the much to say or report during February... even though I had a job interview and a second interview, I just didn't want to say all that much about those interviews. I have a whole set of excuses for the lack of posts, but really I just didn't make all that much time.

I am now entering my 7th month with out a full time job. I have been working, with my two part time gigs keeping me afloat so far.. but the purse strings are drawing closed on those jobs as their hour budgets shrink, and their more senior employees come back from vacations and being sick. I am not complaining here, just noting that it feels like it's going to all start to slow down soon. I have been taking what ever hours I get offered for the most part, and this has lead to 12 and 16 hour days right next to 4 hour days. It's not all that stable. I understand why companies follow these models, however I also understand that if you are not keeping your employes income to roughly the same level you have, they don't have money to spend on your products and the products of other businesses in your community... which means that the people at the other places are seeing their hours cut as their income is cut and they don't have money to spend at your place.... all of which suggests that in a economy like the one we have at the moment that the focus should be on investing in workers and making sure that they have enough money to keep out of debt and at the same time keep money flowing in the economy.... and let me be clear I am not talking about mandating this, I am talking about boards of directors sticking with this idea because it's solid business..... but yeah, I have been with out regular full time employment with a living wage for going on 7 months... and I am still trucking along.....

Speaking of which, On the Road. Last time I was talking about Austin, TX.... a sort of promised land (I know a guy that goes on and on about how amazingly beautiful the women there are), and I keep reading that it's one of those places that is several square miles surrounded by reality. At this point I think it's time to wander on to a place that I do want to check out at least once in my life... Las Vegas. I want to drive the strip, check out the sights. eat some food and stay away from the tables. I had my first experience with a casino this past fall, and honestly I don't dig them....but I have the urge to see the place at least once...

more soon.

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