Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Separated By Motorways

Back to the blog.... I am taking it easy today, still recovering from a headcold/ sinus thing.... but I can still type.

The Job Search... well the good news is that I have a second interview for a job where I thought that I had blown the first interview. It would be a good job for me, in that it plays on all my strengths and it's located downtown. Sure like any other job there are things that aren't great, but over all I am excited about the prospect of having made it to the next step in the process. I haven't been looking for other postings all the much as of late, it's been a case of there haven't been all that many that I grabbed my attention. Of course there are plenty out there that I have applied for and not gotten a response on.

Back on the road, last time I was talking about wanting to see Houston Texas, and as the snows up north here start to melt I would thinking about heading west and to the north.... checking out some places in texas for sure, with Austin first on my list. There is plenty of stuff in Austin that I would love to check out.... I almost don't know where to start.. well with the music might be the best place. It's the wrong time of year for some of the bigger events I would like to see, South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits Music Festival would both be worth checking out. And then there is the Alamo Drafthouse (http://www.drafthouse.com/) which seems like something that every good sized college town needs. I think that I could spend a couple of days in Austin and still not see everything that I wanted to.

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