Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Specter of A Monday

Here it is sunday night... and it's the eve of a monday. I have the day off, I worked a couple of hours today, and I have some hours this week. I wish that it was as easy as having that stable 40 hours each week... the thing about a Monday is that it's the start of a new week, the start of new job searching week. I don't know what this week will hold. I have to look and see. My basic plan is to at least get that pre-employment screening done for working at the U of M Medical Center. The strange thing is that I have submitted several applications at several places, many of which I know that I am never going to hear back about, and many of which I have to think that it would be nice to have those jobs, and I would give them my all.... but if I can't get all emotionally involved with them, because so many of them are going to break my heart.

On the road... I would still be in New Orleans for the big party...

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