Friday, June 24, 2011

FFB: Double Trouble by Sheldon Jaffery

The full title:
Double Trouble: A Bibliographic Chronicle of ACE Mystery Doubles
Starmont Reference Guide #12

            A forgotten book about forgotten books, something about that idea appeals to me. The full title says pretty much of all of what you need to know, this slim volume, published in 1992, is a reference guide for the ACE Mystery Doubles published between 1952 and 1963. Covering the D through F series the book provides not only the publishing dates and biblogaphic information for each volume, but information about authors, the books and even occationaly reviews of books that were written at the time of publication.

            This isn’t the kind of book that has to be read cover to cover, but is easy to page though, and look up specific authors. It looks to be well researched and Jaffery obviously has an affection for these books, but never pretends they were more that entertinment for the most part.  As this is Starmont Reference Guide #12 I have to wonder what the first 11 cover and if there were more after this one?  The copy that I read I obtained via Inter Library Loan, which has been very kind to me when it comes to Friday Forgotten books that I have wanted to check out. A while back I was able to ILL Shoot, and currently have; What of Terry Conniston? by Brian Garfield, Black wings has my angel by Elliott Chaze, and 13 French Street by Gil Brewer from other libraries...All if which I have discovered though FFB and other blog posts from others.

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George said...

Wow, I never knew this book existed! Now, I must have it!