Monday, June 27, 2011

26 Films: Don's Party

Don's Party (wiki, imdb) from 1976 is one of those films that it tripped over a VHS copy of in a donation bin somewhere. To be honest I didn't get all that much out of this film. It follows the guests at a part for the assumed winner of the 1969 Australian federal election. As the night wears on truths come out, people get drunk and there is some fighting and sex. 

I am sure that at the time it was shocking or at least edgy at the time when the play was written and the film was made. However like so many of the edgy sex comedies and dramas of the 70s it's dated when you think about films that have dealt with sex in the last decade and a half. 

One thing that I did really like was the sets, they were loud mod looking and had a fun vibe to them. I also dug the use of pop music on the soundtrack which featured great pop and rock tunes.

Over all it I don't know that I will be revisiting this film, at the very least if I do it will have to be a much cleaner copy of the film.


Todd Mason said...

I like what I've seen from Beresford, and wonder if I'll like this one more than you did...but I've certainly missed it so far.

Iren said...

Todd....maybe, I didn't hate the film, it just didn't grab me... maybe a better copy or one of Beredfords other films might be in order.