Thursday, June 30, 2011

26 Soundtracks: CQ

The one and only film that has so far been directed byRoman Coppola  CQ, is a fun cool film that is positioned on the edge of 1970, and neatly looks at the end of the euro pop genre films of the 60s and the more personal films that would come out of the 70s. For the sound track Coppola picked the french band Mellow to provide much of, but not all of the cool fun bright pop songs that populate the film. There is something joyous and shimmering about the tracks, and even the music cues are fun to listen to outside of the context of the film.

It's a great soundtrack and I highly recommend it as well as the film.

1. Seek You
2. Codename Dragonfly
3. Take Me Higher
4. Love On The Moon
5. Ce Soir Je Valis Boire - Claude Francois
6. 321...Zero
7. Song For The Loved One
8. In The Cave - Antonello Paliotti
9. I Love You
10. A Vision
11. Airplane
12. Rivolizione Sessantanove
13. Le Responsable - Jacques Dutronc
14. Absolutely Free
15. CQ Theme
16. Chain Reaction
17. Multithing
18. CQ Car Chase
19. Tous En Scene - Paul Piot
20. The Lost One
21. Dragonfly M36
22. Dragonfly Car Chase
23. Who Is Dragonfly?
24. The End
25. CQ Song

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