Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept 30: Forgotten Music: Deadbolt-- Zulu Deathmask

Deadbolt's Zulu Deathmask from (1998) stands as the bands second best album right behind Tijuana Hit Squad. Where Hit Squad featured story songs with a hard boiled/ Noir pulp edge, Deathmask has a 40's B jungle film vibe.

Deadbolt hails from San Deigo, CA and have been playing a dark surfy 50's instrumental brand of rock and roll since the 1990s. They billed themselves as 'The worlds Scariest Band' and it was that tag that encouraged me to check them out. As I recall I picked up their first album, Shrunken Head at FBC in Lansing Michigan during my senior year at MSU. I immediately was drawn into their vibe and despite a need to throw seemingly Novelty songs on their albums I have followed and enjoyed their records.

Zulu Death Mask includes the first appearences of one of their few recurring characters, Patches the Clown.

1. 15 Year Search
2. Macombos' Revenge
3. Jackals of Botswana
4. Watongo
5. Zulu Death Mask
6. She's Gone Gongwipdu
7. Jimmie's Grave
8. Swahili Bob
9. Burn, Lil' Debby, Burn
10. Creepy and Weird
11. Return of Patches
12. October in Zimbabwe
13. Crime Scene
14. Mogimbu
15. It's a Creepy World

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Evan Lewis said...

Any album with a title like that deserves a listen.