Friday, September 24, 2010

FFB: Toy Soldiers By William P Kennedy

I found this book because of the film, and quickly had to devour it. In those days the moment I knew a film or TV show that I liked was based on a book I had to track down a copy.

The plot concerns a group of terrorists who take over an all boys school to use the boys to get their politically and
industrially powerful fathers to pressure the US Government into give in to their demands.

So you have your basic Die Hard in elite boys school set up. Of course there is a kid who is just enough of a pain in the ass to take on the terrorists and.... well you'll just have to read it to find out what happens.

Honestly I don't recall much of the book, only that rough plot outline and the fact that at the time this book was being written that I had already caught onto the fact that there were terrorist out there and they wished me harm. While my family never had the political clout or money to send me to a elite school (not that they would have wanted to) it was easy for me as a teen to put myself in the shoes of a group of boys facing a threat that was caused by their parents, that their parents were not able to deal with, and think what would I do?

From the vantage point of 2010, I can see the story in a different light living in a post 9/11 and post Columbine world. In 1990 it was considered paranoia to worry about terror acts in schools, today it's not so far fetched.

I might go back and reread this book someday, but I feel more of a need to see the film again.

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