Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mog first and Last

For most of the last three years I have been posting about music over at mog.com. In that time I wrote about a lot of different music, bands, experiences, mostly tied together by my attempt to give a view of of my life as a Rockfiend. As of this weekend, I have officially posted on my mog pagethat I am going to allow it to go idle rather than delete my account. My announcement went with little comment aside from a couple of old moggers who have been following my page for the last couple of year. I thought it might be nice to look back and see my first Mog Post, share it with the Restless Kind readers out there, and see how it shakes out three years down.

Posted 21 June 6006

Into the Forbidden Dimension
Posted over 2 years ago

After having giving it a lot of thought I have to say that my favorite album of all time is the second one by the Horror/ Psychotronic Rock band The Forbidden Dimension. It's simply
the most well rounded album that I can think of. Musically it runs the gambit of style, you have punk tunes, metal tunes, rockabilly tinged tunes, and intros songs. The record has a flow and drive that keeps it
moving forward, but it never seems forced, or fake or anything but a
great rocking blast of energy.

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