Sunday, February 22, 2009

Head Cold A Go Go

I got home from work yesterday shivering. My head was feeling congested and I was feverish. I stayed around the house today trying to read a little 'Old Man's War' and catching up on DVDs, Generation Kill series end, Jules Dassins 'Brute Force ', Charlie Bronson in 'The Mechanic', and 'They Lived by Night' (sorry if I got any of those wrong chalk it up to fever fingers and hot tears). 

Any way, tonight is the Oscars (Sigh!). I have kinda a love hate thing with them. Last year was so strong, No Country and Juno being at opposite sides of the spectrum, but both being flicks that I really liked. This year... aside from Wall-E and The Wrestler (liked them both) I haven't seen many of the big flicks... oh, I saw The Dark Nut and thought that Ledger was great, just for  the line "I am an Agent of Chaos" (I try to be as well... thank you Norman Spinrad)... any whooo, I just couldn't get the energy up to watch, so I watched the previously mentioned Brute Force, while my siblings took in a showing of Let the Right One In (DVD at the start of March!)..... the one thing that the morbid noir hound me really likes every year is the memorial montage. I just wish the Academy would post it on their sight after the show....

I think my fever dream story telling is running out, to bad last night I dreamed of Donald Westlake after watching The Hot Rock (So So flick from '72) which was memorable enough that I failed to note it above. After Brute Force it was a paralyzed half away half hour of Hard Case Crime type set up for a Roller Derby noir..... part of which I did get down, and which might see the light of day sometime.

Stray thought: Has anyone seen DVDs packaged with the book they are based on? Westlakes Hot Rock, Thieves Market and the Film Thieves Highway by A. I. Bezzerides are both films that I have seen recently and read the books they are based on as well (and there is the fever confusion seeping to it's fullest) 
Oscars? Ann Savage? Richard Widmark? Ron Asheton (not likely, ditto Lux)?, Betty Page? Bo Diddly? anyone, anyone, Buller?

Update: I am feeling better, and I did get to see the In Memoriam video via youtube

Now I could have done with out the song, it's a nice thought, but really let's give these people who have us so much joy a couple of moments of attention with out the big distraction. I also, like a lot of others will note those missing from this list..... Patrick McGoohan (how cool would it have been if it had started off with that closing image from the Prisoner and the sound clip, 'I'm not a number I am a free man' and then went into clips of his film work. I am glad to see that the video it's self was posted, and want to challenge the powers to be to post a longer more full one next year.

I was glad to see a lot of behind the scenes people remembered

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