Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday's Forgotten Books : Resume with Monster

This small review for Patti Abbott's Friday's Forgotten Books series went live on her blog earlier today. You can find that at

Resume with Monsters by William Browning Spencer

I think at this point we all know that there is little virtue in the corporate world, that the grind of the Dilbert world is the modern slave pit for too many modern men and women. William Browning Spencer explores the modern Office Space world with his tale of a lowly worker, a Morlock if you will, Philip Kenan and his last chance job at Ralph's One-Day Resumes. The only problem is that his last job and last girlfriend were lost when a couple of creatures out of a HP Lovecraft Mythos tale showed up and wrecked the place. Now not only is Philip holding onto his job by a string, but his sanity as well. Philip is also writing his cyclopean (sorry I had to find a way to use that word) tome (that one as well) titled "The Despicable Quest" hoping that it will be his ticket to big league of Sci Fi/ Horror Star-Dumb, all the while on the lookout for the reemergence of the Great Old Ones that destroyed his previous life. The book is funny, surreal and satirical. I don't recall exactly how I stumbled across the book, but I noted inside the front cover that I wrote "8-31-96" which was the end of my first summer out of college and working my first full time minimum wage job, and wondering what evil powers were keeping me from finding rewarding work that paid well and satisfied my artistic need. I guess the Great Old Ones were as good an answer as anything else.


Thom Brannan said...

If you enjoyed Resume with Monsters, you might try reading Zod Wallop.

WBS has several other books, as well as a new one in the works, which I cannot wait to read.

Iren said...

I have read Zod Wallop, and thought it was ok, it was just missing something for me that Resume had. I also did read the collection of short stories The Return of Count Electric, I really don't recall to much about that collection, I need to go back and check them out again.
Thanks for reading.