Friday, December 5, 2008

The List...

It's late, I am half awake and feeling roughly inhuman... so it's time to do something to make me feel a little more human.... to wit The List... you know that list, the one that people in relationships talk about... the list of celebs that they are allowed to sleep with if they get the chance, and their partner can't complain. Well I am single, and pretty much plan to stay that way, and I think James Ellroy hit the nail on the head when he said only fools want to fuck celebs, and that makes us a fool nation... so I have a different sort of list, it's a list of women who have been in the public eye in some way shape or form that I would like to have a drink: Beer, coffee, tea, juice, milk ect.... with and have a conversation with... here is my current 10 (and these are not in any order...)

Christa Faust- Cool Crime Writer.... 
Paget Brewster- Actress... Birdgirl need I say more

You know her, you love her, simply smashing... Kate Winslet

Ellie Vee... from the defunct band The Charms... I have met her and spoke with her for a moment at the Charms merch table... but still coffee, beer, what ever..

Penelope Houston- former lead singer of the punk band The Avengers... I'd love to pick her brain about the west coast punk scene
in the 70s.
Callie Thorne- The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Streets and Ed's Next Move... actress... Love to hear some stories about those giggs.

Sarah Vowell- Author, fellow History Nerd and Rockfiend... I think it would either be fun or we would hate each other.
Catherine Mary Stewart- Actress... really I just want to ask about her films... Dudes, Night of the Comet and The Apple.

Jewel Sheppard- Writer and Actress... come on she was in Return of the Living Dead... do I need any more reason to talk to her? Ok, she's also a writer and had been in a bunch of 80s B Films

Neko Case- Singer and Alt Country goddess... really I just want to beg her to cover a couple of tunes, but I'd like to talk music and what not with her.

There you have it...

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