Monday, August 4, 2008

Tease Me to the Sky

Hair Metal is something that was easy to make fun of, and really didn't have much depth... until you realize it wasn’t supposed to…. Not really, it’s the unholy mix of pop rock, heavy metal, glam, power pop and even a little dash of punk. It was frothy, and bright (visually at least), big, dumb, sleazy, and even a bit of fun. Now I have to admit that I enjoyed and still enjoy some of the music these bands made…. Anyway, Steven Blush has put together this book filled with photos, interview quotes from the era and a bit of  insight into what Hair Metal was all about…. The most shocking thing about this book is that Blush is best known for the book American Hardcore, which covered the second wave of punk in the US… I can’t think of two many scenes that were completely opposed to each other… on the other hand I was in a puck store a couple of years back and hair band Skid Row was on the stero and the punk kids were singing along…so yeah, it’s a fun look back, it’s got some insight and a lot of photos… really that’s exactly what Hair Metal needs…..

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