Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/2008 Playlist

Each month, since Feb of 2006, I start a playlist in my iTunes of the tunes that catch my ear that month. I started off writing a post to my Mog page with a short review or comments of each track, not only to keep a running diary for myself, but also to hopefully point others toward these tunes. In the last several months I have started to cross post this information on other sites where I keep blogs. (If you are reading this somewhere besides Mog, you can find all the old ones at  I want to apologies for any weird formatting stuff right here and now, I type this in MS word and then post it on these various message places, some of which have…w ell formatting issues….

Anyway for this month here is what caught my ear… 

Black Tears by Miss Derringer


I think that what I really like about this song is that it have more than just a hint of the Shangri-la’s in the vocals. It’s got that bit of a march, and some very soulful female vocals.


Wolves and Werewolves by The Pack A.D.

 I haven’t really been a big fan of the modern electric indierock blues sound, the white strips, and their ilk mostly leave me bored… but for some reason this version of that sound works better for me, it’s kinda in that Black Keys territory sound wise, only with female vocals. I think this tune works for me because of it’s changing tempo and mood though out the song. It also has a bit of a wail to it, and it, it, it… just feels like watching the timber line from the porch of the cabin at sunset on an August night.

 Agent Song by Miss Monster Club  

With Thee Ultra Bimboos and The Patsy Walkers history at this point, Miss Monster Club might well be the last remaining of the all women garage bands from Finland. Musically this is that echoy, chanted garage rock with an infusion of surf and hot rod sound. It’s got the breathy vocals, and that haunting feel of a damaged engine rolling down the highway.

Thoughts, comments, spare change.

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