Sunday, July 19, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Kevn Kinney

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post

Kevn Kinney is the singer and and guitarist, best known for fronting the Alt Southern Rock  band Drivin N Cryin. He's also done solo work that falls into the folk, alt country, blues and rock genres.  I have been a fan since hearing Drivin N Cryin back in the early 90s. Kinney has the chops for all kinds of sounds and music from whispered folk to booming heavy metal. If I had a chance to work on a covers album with him these are the songs I would pitch.

The Jet Black Berries - Murder

The Divine Horsemen - Devils River

King's X - Far Far Away

Stan Ridgway - Driver She Said

Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands - Cody's Dream

I couldn't find a video for this song... but here's a taste of Pickerel's muisc 

Mother Love Bone - Man of Golden Words

Temple of the Dog - Pushing Forward Back 

Rank N File - Rank n File

Blood on the Saddle - Colt .45

Forbidden Dimension - House of 1000 Dolls
hey no video of course... someone needs to get on that..

Screaming Trees- Winter Song

The Chickenhawks -  Fuck Minneapolis

no video for this one

The Bottle Rockets - $1000 Car

James McMurty - Lights of Cheyenne

King's X  - Mission

Steve Earl - Copperhead Road

so there it is the list

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

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