Monday, May 4, 2015

Day Dream Albums- Eilen Jewell

Note: if you want to know what this is all about check out my intro post

 I am a fan of Eilen’s work and have been for a couple of years. I think she’s got a great dusty voice and knows how to mix the 50s rock, the country and the folk.. I have seen her play live a couple times and she also puts on a great show. She has a new record coming out at the end of this month…  it’s called  SUNDOWN OVER GHOST TOWN  and you can find out about it here…. You can find out about Eilen on the web at

Ok on with the show, if I could pitch a bunch of songs to her for a covers album these are what I would go with…

Legal Weapon - Indigo Blue (no video found.. someone needs to get on that.)

Rank and File - I Went Walking 

Divine Horsemen - Tenderest Kiss

Jody Reynolds - Fire of Love

Jody Reynolds - Endless Sleep

Jet Black Berries - Color Of Your Name 

Drivin’nCryin - Saddle On The Side Of The Road

Blood on the Saddle - Steal You Away

The Groovie Ghoulies  -  Are You Passionate?

Cowboy Nation - Full Fathom 5
(No video…. What gives there’s next to nothing on this band and they are from an era where video equipment was pretty much everywhere… oh well)

that dog - Minneapolis

The Dark Fantastic - The Girl With the Cross in Her Car
(I think I like the Mark Pickerel solo version better but this is what I could find)

Townes Van Zandt - Silver Ships of Andilar

Thee Ultra Bimboos - Mars is Rising
(No video…. No video… were on a video rage..)

Dave Vanian and The Phantom Chords - Chase the Wild Wind

The Forbidden Dimension – Sinner Take All
(also no video… to bad… it’s a great song.. and there is a movie with the same title) 

The Troggs - Night of the Long Grass

now I am off to check out more Jody Reynolds and wait for the new album... 

Disclaimer: this is all a album I day dream about making, there is no plans or talks of any of this happening...

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