Friday, October 4, 2013

Oct 2013: 31 Unseen Horror Flicks day 4

Rob Zombie as a film maker had been hit and miss for me. I have seen all of his films and until now the only one that I ever felt the need to revisit was The Devils Rejects (but I will admit that I know I need to check out House of 1000 Corpses again).... but now Zombie has given us a film that is worthy a follow up to The Devils Rejects...

The Lords of Salem is a creepy 70s devil worship tale set in present day.  It's an ambitious film that references cult and classic films, but also high brow fair. Kubrick's DNA is in this film, as is the Devils Rain and Altered States. It looks great not only in photography but also the set design and lighting. The sound is creepy and restrained, and while the film drags just a bit the pace is fine.

Sheri Moon Zombie is very effective as the star of the film, she is restrained in ways we have not seen from her before, and I would love to see her in another role like this. The music is solid and appropriate for what the film is evoking. 

I am going to have to check this out again, if you liked House of the Devil, check this out.

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