Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sept Reads

The Astounding, The Amazing and the Unknown by Paul Malmont
Malmont returns to the world of The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, this time around Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asmomiv, Sprague De Camp and L Ron Hubbard are looking for lost technology to help defeat the axis in 1943. I took my time reading this one and enjoyed it immensely. It’s geeky fun with a lot of little cameos and even an appearance by Walter Gibson and Lester Dent.

Killer Wedge by Ed Mc Bain
See review Here

33 1/3: Johnny Cash – American Recordings by Tony Tost
 Another ultra readable 33 1/3 volume, this time exploring the myth of the Man in Black. Using the first of the American Recordings albums, Tost looks at the end of the life and time of Cash, looking both back and forward, examining not only Cash and his life, but the other song writers who came into his orbit. It’s a little long, but sent me back to the album which is the ultimate goal of these books.. one critism, for this entry and the others I have read, there really should be the track listing for the album at the start of the book and the play list of all the mentioned songs in each book at the end.

Ride the Pink Horse by Dorothy B Hughes
 First Published in 1946, made into the film of the same name (which I have yet to see) If Hard Case Crime is looking for a classic Noir by a woman to reprint, maybe this should be there first. Set in the southwest, Sailor is looking for the Senator who owes him money for a job done. Told from Sailor’s POV the book unfolds the story of what happened back in Chicago, and who Sailor is at his core. It left me thinking of Nightfall by David Goodis for some reason.

'Til Death by Ed McBain
An 87th Precinct Mystery. Another solid entry in the series, I am not going to say much more as I am holding off to use this as a FFB sometime down the road.

So I didn’t get to a Lawrence Block book or a Stark House book this month for a lot of reasons, but that’s ok, I am finding that around September I am needing a break from my plan, and I think that next year I am going to build that into the plan. I hope to be back on track next month, but we will see.

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