Friday, July 22, 2011

FFB: The 100 Best Movies that you’ve NEVER seen by Richard Crouse

In these days of the Internet guidebooks for films, books, and music might are often obsolete. Most of the basic info on almost anything you are looking for can be found on line somewhere, along with plenty of opinions about what every you are looking for. … that said the place for the ‘guide’ book these days is in either documenting a scene (see Swedishsensatinsfilms ), films that are off the radar, and then there is the guide for films that have been overlooked and that’s what we have here, a book that gives you 100 films that you may never have heard anything about.

Covering a lot of ground from the early horror of Island of Lost Souls (1933, and slated for a Criterion Collection release this October) to Here Comes Mr. Jordan to The Krays (1990) Crouse covers a lot of ground and provides enough varied material to make this a nice selection of film in general. Two films that I really love and recommend, CQ and The Dish are included along with many that I had never heard of. I have to admit that there are a number of films in the book that I have yet to check out, but in an age of Leonard Maltin’s best film’s you’ve never seen and 101 of the best action films you must see before you die, Crouse seems to have been ahead of the pack. This is also a perfect gift (which is how I got my copy) for the budding film fan in your life.

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pattinase (abbott) said...

This looks like fun but I bet I've seen a lot of them.