Thursday, July 28, 2011

26 soundtracks: Tjenare Kungen

Loosely translated as ‘God Save the King ‘Tjenare Kungen[1] is one of those films that I got to see at a film festival, but hasn’t made it to home video in the states. It’s the story of young punks in Gothenberg Sweden in the early 80s who form a band and … this is about the soundtrack, which features not only the music of the fictional band, but also the kind of music that young punks would have been listening to at the time in Sweden. First off you get the UK and American New Wave and NYC punks groups like; Blondie, The Prentenders, Alphaville, The Vapors and Roxy Music. These tracks work well in the context of the film and is a reminder to the viewer that we don’t all start out listening to the underground classics of the time. We all really have to start somewhere and with some more commercial bands and songs.

     The Swedish bands include thee Swedish punk band Ebba Grön with the killer 800 Grader. The rest of the Swedish tracks are ok, but really haven’t stuck with me as songs that I listen to. The tracks credited the band which the film follows, Tjenare Kungen, were written for the film and keep to the spirit of the time and the music in the film. I espically like 1x2x3x4 by the title band, it has a kick and a power to it, which still being infectious and poppy enough.

     Of course both the soundtrack and the film have yet to have any kind of release in the States. The only reason that I even have a copy is that I have visited Sweden since seeing the film and was able to pick up at copy of the soundtrack then… which is all too bad, because I have a feeling that the film and the album would find a small but loyal following if it got even a hint of a release in the States. I recommend both the soundtrack and the film if you run across copies.

Track list:
1. Solglasögon by Docent Död
2. 1x2x3x4 by Tjenare Kungen
3. Man ska vara som ett vilddjur i år by Kai Martin & Stick    
4. More Than This by Roxy Music
5. Turning Japanese by The Vapors
6. Berlin Berlin by Happy Gigolos
7. Perfect Skin by Lloyd Cole & The Commotions
8. Bara för mycket by Tjenare Kungen
9. 800 grader by Ebba Grön
10.         Dancing With Tears In My Eyes by Ultravox
11.         Middle Of The Road by The Pretenders
12.         Livin' Thing by Elo
13.         Diamanter (är en flickas bästa vän)by Lustans Lakejer
14.         Samarin     Atentát by Tjenare Kungen    
15.         Hanging On The Telephone by Blondie
16.         The Freaks by Cortex    
17.         Dunkar Varmt by Tant Strul    
18.         Forever Young by Alphaville

[1] MY Swedish tells me that the direct translation is really ‘hello to the king’

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